Non-Fungible Touring™


• Concert date must be within a year of auction ending
• Date and location are subject to COVID restrictions and Faux Real's standing shows and exclusivity limitations
• If ticketed, the resulting concert must not be for-profit
• The concert may not be used as a promotional tool for a brand or corporation

Ownership of this NFT entitles you to a one-time real-life Faux Real concert on a mutually agreeable date and in a location provided by you.

About Non-Fungible Touring™:
• This unique digital artwork is attached to a real-life Faux Real concert that can be redeemed by the winner of the auction.
• The first ever live show to be booked on the blockchain through the use of Non-Fungible Tokens.
• Reserve price will help to cover transport and accommodation, as well as carbon-offsetting transport and ETH transactions.
• Faux Real encourage the idea of purchasing this experience as a group / community by pooling resources together.

If you mine the internet deep enough...
You might stumble upon a rare gem...
An oddity in the underground...
★ Faux Real’s Non-Fungible Touring™!★

◉ Take control of the live music industry - break the monopoly - invigorate your community! ◉

By investing in Non-Fungible Touring™, you will:
• Become the sole proprietor of an exclusive piece of digital art, bridging the gap between social media clout, art dealership, and tech tomfoolery.
• Become The Booker Within™️ and be at the helm of a ground-breaking moment in the live music industry by bringing it back to the people.
• Become the talk of the town and cock of the walk thanks to your taste-making, era-defining concert party.
• Have the unique opportunity to bring the boys to your yard, your local youth centre, social club, arcade, roller disco, viking longhouse, party headquarters, etc.

Watching Faux Real perform is a deeply cathartic experience
i-D Magazine

The Arndt brothers have successfully captured the underground scene with their idiosyncratic universe
Notion Magazine

Far before releasing any music, Faux Real began performing live, wooing half-confused, half-amused crowds one unconventional venue at a time. Building on a lifetime of inside jokes and shared mp3 libraries, the Arndt brothers created a signature show that simultaneously fetishizes, destroys, and re-invents their kinship through compelling choreography, playfully exploring the boundaries of duality, ridicule, and sexuality.

Poster design by Faux Real

Faux Real reserves the right to cancel or refuse the performance at their own discretion, in which case a refund will be provided.